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Italy's Adriatic Coastline


The northern Adriatic Coast of Italy, comprising the long stretch of shallow lagoons and indented coast between the Po Delta then the ports of Venice and Trieste, has more harbours and marinas per mile than any other part of the Italian peninsula and thus merits its own section. Nothing, of course, rivals the experience of sailing into the lagoon of Venice in one's own yacht.

Of course, the most visited place on Italy's east coast is the city of Venice, one of Italy's top cities and most romantic places. Venice is a city of canals and its main square, Piazza San Marco, is the top place to go in the city. Venice's architecture is a unique blend of eastern and western styles, and sights include the unusual Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, and stunning churches and mansions.


Italy's Adriatic Coast


On an Italy cruise, a stop in Venice is a decision you will never regret. This canal-filled city is equal parts gritty and romantic, known as a fishermen’s town turned cultural hub. Venice is popular for honeymooners and international tourists alike, filling the elaborate, sinuous system of canals with the buzz of activity. Like Rome and Florence, there’s a magic to the city’s energy that sweeps you up in it, whether you’re exploring St. Mark’s Square on foot or enjoying a gondola ride along the Grand Canal before sailing on one of our cruises from Venice.


The "Mosaic City" of Ravenna is renowned for its 1500-year-old churches, decorated with exquisite Byzantine mosaics of brilliant color and amazing detail. It can also be a gateway to other spots with claims to historical fame. Bologna, with its magnificently preserved, uniform architectural style, and not one, but two leaning towers, is the site of the first institution of higher learning in the Western world, for which the term "university" was coined. And the tiny Republic of San Marino, dating from 301 AD, it is perhaps the oldest surviving state and constitutional republic in the world.


Tucked away in the northeast corner of Italy and bordering nearby Croatia and Slovenia, Trieste is a magical port city with the romance of Venice without sacrificing an off-the-beaten-path vibe. On an Italy cruise, you might overlook Trieste in favor of the big three: Rome, Florence, or Naples, but you’d be missing out. Trieste has gained popularity with vacationers and honeymooners in recent years for its crystal Adriatic beaches and elegant Austrian-Hungarian architecture.

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